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Approved National Guideline for Swallow Screening in Stroke

Posted by | Administration Officer | Date: 10 Jul 2017 | 11:30am

I am delighted to attach the fully approved National Guideline for Swallow Screening in Stroke. This document was prepared by a multidisciplinary sub-group of the National Stroke Programme – Working Group and has been through a comprehensive consultation process before final approval by the Clinical Strategy and Programme Division, HSE.


As a group, we referred heavily on the IASLT Position Statement on Swallow Screening (2016) and we are very grateful to you all for your support of our process.


This guideline will be disseminated to all Hospital CEO’s and Hospital Managers, Group CEO’s and Directors of Nursing in addition to all Speech and Language Therapy Managers within the acute hospital setting.

Swallow screening is recorded as a data point within the National Stroke Register in order to monitor implementation of the guideline and will become a national KPI in 2018.  


We hope that this guideline will support staff at local level and improve patient outcomes.


Thank you all your support throughout the process,


Kind regards


Joan McCormack|  Programme Manager

National Clinical Programme for Stroke

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