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Shape Coding Part 1.  CPD events

Posted by | Ailish Lynch | Date: 11 Jan 2018 | 10:34am
Shape Coding: Part 1


Date:                           This is a one day training course on 20th February 2018, which is repeated on 21st February 2018

Location:                   Training will take place in Portlaoise, venue TBC.


There are 30 places available on each course.  Priority will be given to IASLT members and members of the DLD Special Interest Group. 


Course Background:

The "Shape Coding by Susan Ebbels"® system is a resource used by Speech & Language Therapists at Moor House, across the UK and further afield. It was designed by Speech & Language Therapist Dr Susan Ebbels (pictured right) at Moor House to teach spoken and written grammar to school-aged children with SLI. It has been developed and progressed since 1999 primarily for children and young people with language disorders aged 7-20, but it has also been successfully used with younger children, children with hearing impairment, children with Down syndrome and adults with acquired aphasia. The system uses a visual coding system to show a child the rules for how words are put together in sentences, to develop the child’s understanding of spoken and written grammar and to develop their ability to use grammar successfully to express themselves.The system includes use of colours (parts of speech), arrows (tense and aspect) and shapes (syntactic and argument structure). It has been used successfully to teach children the following aspects of grammar:

Course schedule:

This course is suitable for those with limited or no knowledge of Shape Coding and is aimed at Speech and Language Therapists and teachers, although others are welcome to attend. The course teaches attendees the basics of Shape Coding and how to use it with children with language difficulties. It includes videos of SLTs using the system with a variety of children, practical sessions to improve understanding of the system and group activities on how to introduce it to children in the classroom or in small groups.

During the day, you will learn about:

· The underlying hypotheses of Shape Coding and other visual coding systems

· How Shape Coding differs from other visual coding systems

· The basic colours of Shape Coding (for parts of speech)

· The shapes of Shape Coding (for phrases)

· The arrow system of Shape Coding (for verb morphology such as tenses)

· The evidence base for Shape Coding and which children benefit

You will also learn how to use Shape Coding to help teach:

· Basic sentence structures

· Vocabulary and the links between vocabulary and grammar (verb argument structure)

· Suffixes

· Narrative and its links with vocabulary and grammar

· Forming simple questions

· Subject-verb agreement (e.g., use of ‘is’ vs. ‘are’)

· Verb tenses

· Introduction to conjunctions



This workshop is delivered by Dr Susan Ebbels.  Dr Ebbels is a highly specialist Speech and Language Therapist and Development Coordinator at Moor House School & College.  She devised the Shape Coding by Susan Ebbels® system to help school-aged children with language impairments improve their understanding and production of English grammar.  She has carried out many intervention studies, is on the editorial board of Child Language Teaching and Therapy and acts as a specialist advisor to the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. 


Registration Fee (includes a light lunch):

IASLT Member fee:                                                  €90

DLD Special Interest Group member fee:            €105   

Non-Member of either DLD SIG or IASLT:          €200


To apply for the Shape Coding Part 1 course on 20th February 2018:

Please complete application form at the link below:


To apply for the Shape Coding Part 1 course on 21st February 2018:

Please complete application form at the link below:


Waiting list:

Applications will open at 11am on Tuesday 16th January 2018

All places will be confirmed on Thursday 18th January 2018


Terms and Conditions:

  1. IASLT members and non-members are welcome to attend.
  2. The registration fee must be paid in full on confirmation of your place.
  3. Booking deposits are non-refundable.
  4. The full cost of the course is payable in advance of the training
  5. In the event of a cancellation, applicants must give IASLT 72 hours’ notice. 
  6. Failure to give at least 72 hours’ advance notice of non-attendance will result in 50% of the course cost being retained by IASLT.
  7. Failure to give any notice of non-attendance will result in the entire course cost being retained by IASLT.



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