International Speaker Training in Dublin May & June 2018

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In June 2018, we are bringing ASD specialists, Barry M. Prizant, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Director, Childhood Communication Services, Cranston, RI and Adjunct Professor, Brown University, and Dr. Elaine C. Meyer, Ph.D., RN, Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital to Ireland for 3 days of key education.  

‘The SCERTS Model: A Comprehensive Educational Approach for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related Developmental Disabilities’ -2-day workshop (June 11 -12)

Supporting Families with Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: Essential Skills for Developing Trust and Collaborative Relationships* - 1-day workshop (June 13) 
*This will be the first time this course will be delivered in Europe.

Before this, in May, we are able to welcome Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP for her 2-day workshop: ‘Feeding Therapy: It’s Not Just About Swallowing’, again delivered for the first time in Ireland.

I have attached some information on these training courses to this email, or you can review the links below:

Biographical Sketches:

Dr. Barry Prizant is recognized as one of the leading scholars in autism spectrum disorders and communication disabilities, with more than 40 years experience as a researcher and international consultant for individuals with autism and related disabilities. He is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, an Adjunct Professor at Brown University, and Director of Childhood Communication Services, a private practice.

Formerly, he was a Professor of Communication Disorders at Emerson College and Associate Professor of Psychiatry in the Brown University Medical School. Publications include four books, 130 chapters and articles and The SCERTS Model manuals, an educational approach now being implemented in more than a dozen countries.

Barry has presented more than 800 seminars and keynote addresses internationally, and has developed, and for 20 years, has co-facilitated an annual retreat weekend for parents of family members on the autism spectrum. He was an invited featured speaker for World Autism Awareness Day at the United Nations in 2013 and 2017.

Barry has received many honors including the 2014 Honors of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA’s highest honor), 2005 Princeton University-Eden Career Award in autism, and the 2013 Divine Neurotypical Award of GRASP (Global Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership). 

Dr. Elaine Meyer, Ph.D., R.N. is Founding Director, Institute for Professionalism & Ethical Practice at Children’s Hospital-Boston and Associate Professor of Psychology-Harvard Medical School.

Elaine is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatric Nurse with 25 years of experience working with children with medical issues, autism, developmental disabilities and their families. She has published over 100 articles and chapters in peer reviewed journals and volumes on family support when there is a family member with medical or developmental disabilities widely and presents internationally, and has presented a TEDx on this topic (“On Being Present and not Perfect)

Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP is a certified pediatric speech language pathologist who specializes in helping children become more adventurous eaters.

Melanie is an international speaker and the co-author of the award-winning Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater: A Parent’s Handbook : (A Stage-By-Stage Guide to Setting Your Child on the Path to Adventurous Eating)] -October, 2015, author of Adventures in Veggieland: Help your Kids Learn to Love Vegetables with 100 Easy Activities and Recipes (January 2018); the co-author of Baby Self-Feeding: Solid Food Solutions to Create Lifelong, Healthy Eating Habits  (July 2016) and the author of Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids: How to Teach Your Child about the Joy of Food (November 2010).

She is the executive producer of the children’s music CD titled Dancing in the Kitchen: Songs that Celebrate the Joy of Food!  Melanie is a monthly contributor to The American Speech Language Hearing Association’s blog The ASHA Leader.  

Melanie’s website includes an on-line educational course specifically designed for parents of picky eaters and for professionals needing practical advice on how to help families enjoy mealtimes.

Places are limited on all the courses due to the logistics involved. If you, or anyone you forward this to wants to clarify anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Joe Morris

Practice Manager

086 467 9292


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