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Posted by | Administration Officer | Date: 29 Jan 2020 | 10:56am
Dear IASLT Members,
Last week IASLT joined the Health and Social Care Alliance (HSCPA: an alliance of Irish Professional bodies) on an #election2020 media campaign.  
You have may have seen the attached (link) memo to promote awareness and affect change regarding improved services for the people we support.  Including the return of a HSCP office within the Department of Health; and continued failure of the current recruitment HR systems which fail to recruit staff in a manner that ensures those with Communication and FEDS disorders avail of timely assessments and interventions. Many of the issues are due to lack of policy and adequate implementation.  Many difficulties in services are also related to a number of industrial issues.  Ciara Ni Raghallaigh, Chair National Professional Committee (formally SLT Vocational Group) and IASLT Member would like to remind those employed within the public system of the following:


SLT Activism in 2020

SLT members of Fórsa should be contacting their local branch Chair and putting forward motions for the local Branch AGM in Feb 2020

Note: Please discuss with your SLT colleagues what issues you want to raise with your union at your branch AGM

 SLTs should consider being nominated to go on their local branch committee (only a meeting once per month for 1.5 hours approx. after work)

Note: Get nomination papers from your local Fórsa branch Chair/Secretary and 2 other Fórsa members must nominate you

 SLTs should attend their local AGM in Feb 2020 even if you don’t want to nominate yourself for the committee

Note: You will learn about what’s going on in your union locally and there may be speakers from National Office in Fórsa


SLTs on a branch committee can ask branch to put forward HSCP motions for Fórsa National Conference in May 2020 (motions to be sent by 26/2/20)

Note: HSCPs won’t be on the union agenda for the next 2 years unless motions are passed at the Fórsa Conference in May 2020

 Keep up the activism on behalf of our professions!

IASLT Council would like to thank those already participating and encourage additional IASLT Members onto working groups to ensure effective representation of the highest of SLT professional standards in future policy and service development. 
Yours in Membership,
IASLT Council 2019/20
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