Research Participation Required - Treatment of children with acquired aphasia

Posted by | Administration Officer | Date: 24 Mar 2020 | 14:11pm

Dear colleagues,

I have developed a questionnaire to learn more about the role of speech-language therapy - especially for the treatment of children with acquired aphasia. All speech-language therapists/speech-language pathologists (including all speech-language therapy professions such as clinical linguistics) in the German-speaking DACH region or in English-speaking countries who have experience with at least one case between the ages of 18/24 months and 12 years are invited to participate in my questionnaire study.

This study has been ethically approved. The survey takes 20-30 minutes.

If you do not want to give an answer to a question or cannot give an answer due to lack of experience, it is possible not to give any information.

The project is supported by the ZNS-Hannelore Kohl Foundation.

You can start the survey via the following link:

With your participation, you will be contributing to the study of the practice of speech- language therapy treatment for children with acquired aphasia. The survey will end on 10.05.2020. Your information will of course be treated confidentially.

Please share the link with colleagues. Thanks a lot!

Best regards,



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