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Telepractice Guidelines

Posted by | Administration Officer | Date: 28 Apr 2020 | 12:51pm

Please find IASLT guidelines on Telepractice (SEE DOCUMENT ATTACHED)  -  Thank you to our MRA colleagues in RCSLT and SPA for sharing their documents with us and allowing access to IASLT members.


The following are resources that may support your learning in relation to telepractice.


The University of Oxford have produced step by step guidance on delivering video consultation in general practice although this also may be applicable to other settings:


 Getting started with telepractice;


 COVID-19: What AHP Services need to be doing digitally and NOW! AHP Scotland


BMJ Opinion: Better use of data and digital offer rapid opportunities to address covid-19


BMJ Editorials: Video consultations for covid-19


Ekberg, Stuart, Danby, Susan, Theobald, Maryanne, Fisher, Belinda, & Wyeth, Peta (2019) Using physical objects with young children in ’face-to-face’ and telehealth speech and language therapy. Disability and Rehabilitation,


InformMe Telehealth Resources:


Speech Pathology Australia have added 5 new webinars on 'Delivering Complex Disability Services via Telepractice' to their 'Learning to use Telepractice' web page;


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