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Covid 19 - Information and Rescourses

Posted by | Administration Officer | Date: 27 May 2020 | 10:10am

IASLT founding partners of ICP

The International Communication Project (ICP) extends its sympathies for the lives lost to COVID-19, gratitude for those saved, and admiration and appreciation for all professionals on the front lines of care, some members of our organizations.

The virus threatens to be particularly disruptive to the lives of persons with communication disability. In some instances, the problem may be individual inability to communicate self-protection measures. In others, it may be a matter of compromised access to services. The potential challenges involved are many.

Our hope is this page is a resource for meeting them. Our intent is to maintain and develop it collaboratively, expand and refresh it with submissions from around the globe. We invite parties with ideas for content or suggestions for the page to please contact us at




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