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COVID-19 Survey: IASLT and UCC Follow up.

Posted by | Edel Dunphy | Date: 15 Oct 2020 | 21:21pm

Dear Colleagues,


In April of this year, we invited SLTs and SLT students in Ireland to participate in a survey to gather information about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on SLTs’ personal and professional lives and on their services. We are now conducting a follow-up survey, in order to better understand the medium- to longer term effects of the pandemic. You may have completed the initial survey, but even if you have not, please do feel free to participate in this follow-up. We are not comparing individuals’ responses from the initial survey and the follow-up (which would not be possible without assigning a unique identifier to each participant), but we are interested in how patterns across the whole group of participants may have changed.

You may receive this invitation more than once, but please don’t complete the follow-up survey more than one time. We are asking SLT colleagues to distribute this invitation widely, in order to reach as many SLTs and SLT students across the island of Ireland as possible.

The survey may take as little as 5 minutes to complete, or it may take longer – it depends on how much you wish to tell us about your experiences. We don’t anticipate any negative consequences from participating. However, many of us have been experiencing a lot of stress, frustration and anxiety, and if communicating negative experiences exacerbates these negative feelings, it can help to talk to somebody outside one’s own circle of friends and family. Mental Health Ireland operates dedicated services to help mind our mental health during Covid-19, and information and further contact points (including the Samaritans) can be found at

If you wish to learn more about this survey study, or choose to participate, the link below will lead you to a Microsoft Form which contains further information about the study, as well as the survey itself.

If you have questions or comments, please get in touch with Nicole Müller ( or Vickie Kirkpatrick (

Best wishes, and many thanks,

Vickie and Nicole


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